Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Boilers, Compressors and Head on Maintenance Candidates

The saga of the Library building's systems issues continues. The boiler is down and awaiting repairs. The HVAC compressor on Unit 1 is down and awaiting repairs. The parts for both repairs have been ordered. The HVAC repair should occur this week, according to the estimated arrival date for the parts. The boiler parts will take 3 more weeks. In the meantime, ambient temperatures in the Library will depend on the weather. The advice we are giving staff and customers is to dress in layers for the next 3-4 weeks when you come to the Library!

On a positive note, the first interviews for Head of Maintenance are underway. We received over 160 resumes for the position, many from highly qualified candidates. From the great pool of applicants, I am confident that a Head of Maintenance will be hired within the next month and working within the next six weeks or so.

Personally, I am looking forward to having someone other than me climbing the ladder to the roof to look at the HVAC unit and crawling on the floor of the Boiler Room to peer into the boiler with the contractors.

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