Thursday, May 17, 2012

From the Suggestion Box: How bout a drive up book deposit? (like Naperville)

Great idea - and one the Library has included in the various expansion plans over the years. Unfortunately, none of those plans received funding, so we're stuck with the current design, which does not accommodate a drive up book return. With the rising cost of just keeping the building functioning, making major changes to put in a drive up book return is pretty far down on the list.

Interestingly, the original plans for this building included a drive up book drop near the front doors with a curb cut to allow drivers to use it. The Village of Plainfield nixed the plan for the drive up in 1990, citing fear that the drive up book return would block traffic on Lockport Street. The result is the bumped out curb in front of the Library's front doors and no drive up book drop.

Friday, May 4, 2012

HVAC Down Again!

It’s warm again in the Library. Yet again, our 20+ year old HVAC rooftop units have broken down. This time, its 2 of the 4 units that are down and will be until the parts can be found to make a repair. With the age of the units, availability of parts continues to be an issue when repairs are needed.
The Library has applied for an Illinois Public Library Construction Act Grant with a project proposal that includes replacement of the HVAC rooftop units and control system. However, announcement of whether or not the Library receives that grant is in August. If received, the grant contract would not be available to be signed before September. Any work done prior to the signing of the grant contract CANNOT be included in the grant project. That puts us in a bind, having to pay again for costly repairs to try to keep these units functioning in anticipation of possibly receiving this grant. Funding these very costly replacements will be very difficult if the grant is not received.
So things are warm in here. Be prepared if you are planning to visit the Library this weekend.