Wednesday, September 22, 2010

HVAC Issues Again

The aging Library building and its systems strike again:

The HVAC problem is with the valves that control the flow of refrigerant in Unit 1, which cools the northeast quadrant of the building. This is one of four units that cool the building. The Library's HVAC contractor is working to isolate the issue and hopefully replace just the valves rather than the whole compressor unit (which would entail a crane and huge expense). Of course, this is not under warranty.

In the meantime, Unit 1 has been bypassed for cooling but the fans/blower will continue to run. That should keep the affected areas at a reasonable temperature until the full repairs can be made. With the weather forecast for tomorrow, I'm grateful for that.

The ongoing expenses of the aging building and its systems are having a negative impact the operating budget. The boiler needs repairs prior to the beginning of the heating season. Keep your fingers crossed that the elevator doesn't break down again too...

Friday, September 10, 2010

Head of Maintenance Needed

Our Head of Maintenance, Chuck Peterman, has resigned. The Board and staff appreciate his years of hard work on behalf of the Library and the community. We wish him the very best in his future endeavors.

Now the search begins for our next Head of Maintenance. The job ad is posted on the Library's website and linked here.

An experienced supervisor with a variety of skills is needed, to do everything from hanging signs to maintaining the right balance of chemicals in the boiler system to mowing the lawn. Positive attitude and customer service skills are essential. With ever-increasing Library use by the community and our aging building, the job has no shortage of challenges - and a competitive package of salary and benefits.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bursting at the seams - yet again

It's that time of year. With Summer Reading at an end and kids back in school, the books, DVDs and CDs begin to overflow the shelves. I've said it many times before: the only reason this Library can own as many items as it does is because about half of the collection is checked out at any given time. But there are cycles to this, and a few times a year, Library staff struggles to find places to put it all. Sure, there's an empty range at the front of the Fiction side in the Adult area, but that's the shifting project waiting to happen to provide more space throughout the collection for exactly times like this!

This building was designed to hold a maximum collection of 67,830 items, plus all of the required seating for library users and staff. Today, the Library owns 132,915 items.

So help us out - stop by and check out a stack of books today!