Wednesday, November 28, 2012

January Closings Planned for HVAC Replacement Project

The HVAC Replacement Project contract has been awarded, submittals approved and four new roof top units are ordered. The total project cost is $330,000 (contains allowances for work that may not be used) to replace the four roof top HVAC units, repair ducts, upgrade control boxes, replace the temperature control system and balance the air handling system.

Monday, January 7 through Friday, January 11, the Library will be closed to allow this work to be done. During that time, you may not be able to access the book drops - particularly when the large crane is lifting the old roof top units off and placing the new roof top units on the building! Check outs will be extended and fines waived during this time. This project will allow you to enjoy the Library in comfort in the future.

As some patrons have noticed and commented about to staff, the recent temperature in the Library is either too hot or to cold, depending on the day. Their discomfort only highlights the issues of our aging Library building. Nearly every building component or system is past its useful life. The HVAC Replacement Project is the first of three projects, identified by KJWW Engineering in the building evaluation conducted earlier this year, as being necessary to maintain operation of the Library building. Look for window and shingled roof projects coming in the spring.

Please call ahead or check our web site for the latest information regarding closings before you visit in January!