Friday, June 7, 2013

Wrapping Up Building Projects, Parking Lot Improvements to Come Next!

The Library's wrapping up its Tier 1 (immediate needs) Building Evaluation projects! With just a bit of trim painting remaining, we anticipate ending the fiscal year on June 30 with all Tier 1 projects completed. This is just in time to embark on a new project, which I am thankful will be handled primarily by the Village of Plainfield, to expand and improve the parking lots surrounding the Library.

The HVAC roof top unit replacement and new control system was the largest project of Tier 1. The new, energy-efficient roof top units and updated control systems, along with the air balancing throughout the building that was included in the project, are already reducing utility costs. The air quality throughout the Library is improved by using more outside air when temperatures are moderate.

The replacement of the shingled roof has resolved the leak problems experienced in the past year. There was one glitch, where the roof top cupolas required recaulking, but was quickly remedied by the contractor. The new shingles have a lifetime warranty.

The final project of Tier 1 was replacement of the windows in the Bay Window Area on both the upper and lower levels. The original windows had been improperly sealed during installation in 1990/1991, a condition that was not discovered for many years. Once discovered, the seals were redone, but the wood frames had already begun to deteriorate, shortening their useful life. The new vinyl-clad windows are also energy-efficient and slightly tinted to reduce the effect of UV light on books shelved near the windows as well as reducing glare in the adjacent seating areas.

Look for the parking lot improvements to begin later this summer! Funded by the downtown Tax Increment Finance District, this cooperative project with the Village of Plainfield is made possible by an intergovernmental agreement. The project is tentatively scheduled to begin with the expansion and improvement of the two pieces of property on the Route 59 side of the building. The public parking lot there will be reconfigured and expanded to include the vacant lot adjacent to it. Once that portion is complete, two parking lots north of the library (one on each side of the hedge) will be reconfigured and repaved, eventually allowing all of these pieces to connect and become one functional parking lot! We're very excited, particularly about bringing the lots up to current standards for width of spaces and aisles. I realize it will be messy and inconvenient during the construction, but the end result will be well worth it for the Library and the downtown area.

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