Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Planning for an Uncertain Future

Planning for the future has been on my mind. With the Library Board looking at modifying its expansion plans and updating our Long Range Plan for the next 5 years (particularly in regards to keeping this building functional) and with my appointment to a committee planning for the future of Illinois' regional library systems, it's to be expected that this is at the forefront of my thoughts. The only thing for certain in all of these planning processes is uncertainty. With economic uncertainty splashed throughout the media, shifting demands and needs in a community that is increasingly diverse, and a changing political landscape, creating a plan for the future is a challenge. Our plans must be flexible, scalable, efficient, responsive and responsible.

But how can library service evolve in a way that incorporates these concepts? The next evolution of our local Library and our regional library systems are set in the context of this uncertain future. It is an opportunity to shift our paradigm, to rethink the traditional model. Prioritizing needs will be crucial to finding a new model to meet the most immediate educational and informational needs in our community and our state within the means available.

Three planning processes with the uncertain future in common. That's quite a set of tasks ahead.

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