Monday, December 22, 2008

Calling All Library Supporters - We Need Your Help!

The informational and organizational meeting of a citizens' committee to support the Plainfield Library expansion referendum will be held on Wednesday, January 14th at 7pm in the Library Board Room.

The Citizens Committee takes the role of advocating for the referendum in the community. While staff and taxpayer funds are restricted to strictly factual information such as "vote on April 7th", the Citizens Committee is able to make the emotional appeal such as "vote YES on April 7th." The Committee will be self-directed, making their own decisions on what activities they would like to pursue. For example, they could organize a phone calls to likely voters, or yard signs, or promotional mailings, or canvassing neighborhoods.

As my grandmother tells me - many hands make light work! So please join the commitee. You can choose the level of participation that suits you and your family.

To RSVP, call Julie at the library 815-436-6639 or email me at the link below.

You told us you want it on the ballot in April. Now it's up to you to continue your support!

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