Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Underway: External Designs and Site Selection

In December, Healy Bender & Associates, the architects working on the library expansion design, presented a "kit of parts" for the external design of the downtown library. Drawing inspiration from the other buildings in downtown Plainfield, this kit includes concepts like decorative brickwork, recessed doors, and palladian windows. The Board of Trustees approved this design direction. Following this acceptance, Healy Bender developed several conceptual designs, presenting them to the Board later in the month. The Board selected and approved a concept for refinement and await the next presentation.

Also in December, the Board of Trustees passed a Resolution affirming the intent to create a joint use facility with the Plainfield Park District. However, neither entity currently owns property suitable for the project - and no developer donations are on the horizon. Whether a second library facility turns out to be a joint use location or the library and park district partner in other ways, a site will be needed for the second facility on the north side of Plainfield. Using the criteria previously discussed, prioritized and approved by the library Trustees, several local realtors are searching for the perfect piece of property for the library to purchase.

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