Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Village Trustees comment favorably on library expansion plans

Last night, I presented the preliminary plan to the Plainfield Village Board at their meeting. They were very gracious to include this on their very full agenda.

Mayor Waldorf commented on his involvement in the process. He and Village staff were members of the Site Feasibility Committee that recommended site options and priorities for the downtown facility.

Trustee Walt Manning inquired about the inclusion of the auditorium in the library, which gave me an opportunity to highlight the cultural programs like holiday music and author events that we offer. Also, the auditorium will be available for use by the Plainfield Park District for programs and events.

Trustee Bill Lamb recalled his participation in a 2006 long range plan focus group for the library and noted how the expansion plan includes many of the ideas from that group. His comments highlight that this planning process actually began with that 2006 long range plan!

Trustees Jim Racich, Paul Fay, and Jeff Dement all commented favorably on the plan, highlighting the library's benefit to the entire community.

Look for the replay of the meeting on Cable Channel 6 to see for yourself.

The positive feedback from the Mayor and Village Trustees are greatly appreciated!

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