Thursday, December 18, 2008

Construction and Operations in Single Question for 2009, to Appear on 2010 Tax Bills If Passed

Last night, the Library's Board of Trustees voted 6-1 to develop a single ballot question for both operational and construction costs of the expansion plan.

Trustees noted that some area libraries that used two separate ballot questions, one for construction and one for operations, only passed the construction measure causing them to cut services in order to operate and maintain the larger facility. For example, the New Lenox Public Library opened their expanded facility in 2001 but are only open 46 hours per week. Increasing space but decreasing the availability of service defeats the purpose of the referendum: to meet the needs of the community.

If the single ballot question passes, you won't see the increase on your tax bill until 2010. The County Tax Extension Office prepares property tax bills in April to arrive in taxpayers mailboxes by early May. It would be impossible to make that change to tax bills following an April 7th referendum. Therefore, if you approve the rate increase in April 2009, you will see it one year later when you receive your tax bill in April 2010.

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