Thursday, February 18, 2016

To the Person in the Ski Mask Putting Vote No Information on Cars

Dear Masked Person,

In the Library parking lot at approximately 6:30pm last evening, you were seen by a Library Trustee placing something on the windshields of vehicles. Because your behavior was suspicious (you were dressed in all black and wearing a ski mask), she looked to see what it was you were distributing. You were placing "Vote No" doorhangers on cars at the same time that the open, public Board Meeting was beginning, with the opportunity for you to voice your opinion and ask any questions about the plan, how it was developed, what's included and why. Next time, please come in and be part of the process! We look forward to you removing the mask and engaging directly in the public process.


Julie M. Milavec

P.S. Further research shows Citizens for a Reasonable Library, listed as paying for the doorhangers, does not yet appear as a registered political action committee on the Illinois State Board of Elections web site.


Maria Meachum said...

i admire your fortitude in dealing with these opponents who so clearly don't wish to be a part of the process, but part of the problem. I hope you continue to call out the bad practices for what they are, unworthy of attention by the public. you have been a model of patience with these people who don't have to follow the same strict rules as you do. I hope you get the library Plainfield needs and deserves and I hope that Karma takes care of the ski mask guy.

Judy Bigsby said...

Coward! How can you possibly look at yourself in the mirror? Better yet how can you look your children in the eyes?
You are certainly welcome to your opinion, but if you cannot express it publicly, why should anyone believe you?
All the more reason to have a library worthy of this community - to show we are civilized, educated and brave. Vote YES!