Thursday, February 11, 2016

More Emails Spreading Misinformation

At least two more emails, similar to the one addressed in my February 1 blog post, are spreading misinformation about the Library's referenda.

The Library is committed to getting the correct information out to residents. Please attend a drop in question and answer session, ask a library representative at a community event, submit questions online, or call, text or chat with a librarian. Submit questions directly to the library here.

There is an open Drop In Q&A in the lower level lobby of the Library from 1-5pm on Sunday, where anyone can stop by and get complete answers to any questions they have.

Here are a few points addressing the latest emails:

There are two ballot questions because one funds the building bonds and one funds the ongoing operational costs of that building. The Library Board of Trustees includes good stewardship of taxpayers dollars their Strategic Plan. They provide ready access to all of the library district's financial information.

The Library District serves 75,337 people in the Village of Plainfield, Village of Bolingbrook in Wheatland Township, Village of Romeoville in Plainfield Township, all of unincorporated Plainfield Township and most of unincorporated Wheatland Township. A map of its Will County boundaries is available here.

The estimated cost calculator, which includes both referenda, is here.

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