Thursday, June 10, 2010

Elevator, Windows and Summer Reading

The good news: Summer Reading registration is going phenomenally well, with over 1,000 more people signed up by the close of business Wednesday than the previous year.

The bad news: The elevator has been acting up intermittently for over two weeks. the repairman has been here multiple times, trying to figure out the issue. We've replaced relays, tracked down the original plans for the system (which had gone astray during a changeover in vendors) and tried a new overload assembly. Problems persists. At least when it stopped working, it was going to the lower level and parking there, usually with the door open. Finally, this morning, it failed again while the repairman was on site. Fingers crossed that this will lead to the full resolution of the problem. But the age of the building and its systems is an issue as costly repairs of aging systems become a regular budget item.

The hopeful news: The windows that were rotting (poorly sealed during installation 20 years ago) are being patched and mended. The company doing the work is having good success with the temporary fix that should last 3-5 years. At about one-tenth the cost of replacement windows, the temporary fix was determined to be the correct course of action for the short-term, since plans for future expansion would replace all of those windows.

Never a dull moment...

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