Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Not Your Grandmother's Library" Strikes a Cord with Some

Its seems that the title of the lead article on the Library's latest newsletter has struck a cord with some residents - and not in a good way! We have received phone calls from two grandmothers who found this title offensive to them as grandmothers.

The newsletter article title is intended to be interesting and catchy - a subtle encouragement to find out more by reading the article's content. With the wide variety of services and collections available today that did not exist even ten years ago, I wanted to highlight how library services have changed. Many of the library's 21st century services, like Text-a-Librarian, were not even possible until recently.

I sincerely apologize to our community members who found the title to be derogatory. That was not the intent. My own grandmother, herself an avid library user, reminds me of the importance of being respectful of the different points of view of others.

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