Thursday, February 18, 2010

From the Suggestion Box: Workmans' vehicles in the parking lot

This was in the suggestion box recently:

"It would be nice if outside vendors, such as Inland Steel trucks, Windows & Siding, could park in the back lot or on street and leave front parking for patrons & visitors, elderly & small children."

I completely understand and concur with the sentiment: in a perfect world, we would always leave the closest parking spaces for the patrons, particularly for the elderly and parents with small children. However, the Library staff are doing the best they can with what we have.

In general, outside vendor vehicles are parked in staff spaces - most frequently those directly adjacent to the staff entrance on the side of the building. Remember - there is no loading dock or service entrance on this building, only the staff and main entrances. One of the reasons that the staff spaces extend as far as they do is to be able to utilize the nearest spaces for loading and vendors.

Second, the back lot, regardless or whether you are referring to the Illinois Street or Route 59 lots, do not belong to the Library. We cannot designate Library parking in either lot. This summer, the Library is contracted to purchase the Route 59 parking lot from the Village, allowing the Library to designate spaces for staff.

Lastly, Inland Steel has not done work for the Library in the past year, nor have we had windows or siding replaced. The Library does request vendors doing work for the Library park in designated spaces. The roofing contractors used staff spaces during their project. Keep in mind that the Library is a public building - and people who drive work trucks use it too.

I understand that the parking at the Library is not ideal. We're doing the best we can with what we have.

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