Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Going High Tech the Low Cost, Low Tech Way

Thanks to our smart and savvy staffers at the Library, we are going high-tech on Library signs without the high cost!

We'd seen the wonderful digital signs at other libraries and businesses, with scrolling signs and information on big plasma TVs. Just a little research showed that those systems were way out of our price range. But the staff didn't take that to mean it was impossible to do.

The Marketing Committee took it as a challenge. How do we get the scrolling digital signs without the high cost? Digital picture frames! With inexpensive memory cards, the Committee could change out the signs scrolling on each weekly without a lot of cost for the signs or in staff time maintaining them. The catch was finding inexpensive digital picture frames large enough to make this work.

Staffer Cindy Caswell just happened to be in Staples on her own time and noticed a great deal on large digital picture frames, which she immediately reported to the group. And it just so happened that the Library's Foundation received a $1,000 gift card from Staples last year. Though most of that gift card was used to purchase a new laptop projector for the Large Meeting Room, there was a bit leftover. Four 12" x 9" digital picture frames were purchased. The Library already owned one smaller frame from a previous use. Memory cards were purchased to make the updating of the frames easier. Our Head of Maintenance, Chuck, and the Committee brainstormed the perfect way to mount them on the Check Out Desk upstairs and near the Self-Check Outs on the lower level.

The whole project came together for a cost of just $200 out of the Library's coffers! Stop by and see our digital signs! There are five located at different service desks in the Library.

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