Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Looking for One More Nice Day

The roof replacement project is not quite done. The flat roof has been completely replaced and sealed. However, the final pieces of the project - flashings and the door jab and trim for the access door leading out onto the roof. While it cannot be seen from street level, you'll know its done when the construction dumpster leaves the Library's parking lot, re-opening all of the spaces for use.

Our protesters did not stay long, only about 5 hours total. Our rat hand puppet from the Youth Services storytime supplies did come to visit his larger inflatable rat brethren during his stay, sitting in the window of my office.

During tonight's meeting of the Board of Trustees, the replacement of windows in the Original Library will be considered. We have proposals from several window vendors. Replacement is needed only for seven windows in the Original Library. With the Original Library likely to remain in any future expansion, the replacement of those windows is appropriate as a long term solution. The remainder can be repaired and resealed, with only a few replacement parts needed. This is good news and will keep costs down, while addressing the problem areas.

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