Monday, November 9, 2009

Roof Replacement Project to Begin Tuesday, November 10!

Tomorrow is the day!

The roof replacement project is slated to begin. You will not be able to view the actual work being done, as it is the interior pitched and flat roof being replaced. These are not visible from ground level. During the project, the parking spaces closest to the building will not be available for use, with the exception of the two handicapped spaces. A project dumpster will be located on the closed spaces, as well as providing space for the crane that will be needed to move the roofing material on the flat portion of the roof.

One recent question I received regarding the roof replacement project is that the building is just under 20 years old - and shingle should last 25 years. That is true. However, a significant portion of the Library's roof is flat. It can be seen in aerial views of the Library, such as satellite images of the downtown area. Housed on this flat area are the four HVAC units that cool the Library building, which is why it is screened from view. Expected to last 15-20 years, this flat roof is just shy of its 19th birthday, installed in late 1990.

Given the lovely weather we've been experiencing, we hope that the project will be complete in approximately five working days.

Apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused by the project. Your patience and cooperation is appreciated!

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