Tuesday, September 25, 2012

From the Suggestion Box: A/C is always too strong!

In light of our recent HVAC issues, it is not surprising that library users are feeling the cold, or the heat, too much in certain areas of the Library. The building has four roof-top units (RTUs) that are part of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. They produce warmer or colder air and circulate it through the building. One of the four RTUs is currently circulating air only, not heating or cooling. This cause hot or cold spots in the Library, as the three fully-functional units struggle to keep the average temperature in the building within set limits. The outdated control system on the HVAC in the Library does not allow the kind of granular control that would mitigate the hot or cold spots.

The good news: the project to replace the HVAC RTUs and control system, along with some reworking of air ducts and air balancing, should go out to bid this week. We are awaiting the final set of specifications from KJWW Engineering for the project before publishing the invitation to bid.

The bad news: until the project is done, the best I can do is remind you to wear layers when coming to the Library. With the changing weather, the indoor air temperature is unpredictable.

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