Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Top Ten Reasons for the Whole Family to Register for Summer Reading!

  1. Excitement! Summer Reading can be an exciting time for kids to learn about something new that interests them - and their excitement is contagious.
  2. New Books! Whether its a bestselling author's latest or a debut novel, all the print summer blockbusters have arrived.
  3. Motivation! Setting reading goals for the summer will motivate the whole family to read.
  4. Friends! Connect with friends at Summer Reading special events like Family Bingo.
  5. Maintain Your Brain! Reading is exercise for the mind, keeping your skills sharp all summer long.
  6. Learning! Whatever your interests, you can learn more through reading. Kids especially won't even realize how much they are learning.
  7. Connecting! Pick a book or topic and have your own family book discussion to keep that dinner table conversation flowing.
  8. Sharing! Check out your favorite book from when you were a kid or pick up your child's new favorite to share each other's interests.
  9. Encouragement! When the whole family participates, you can encourage each other to reach your goals.
  10. Ice Cream! "Reading is So Delicious" this summer, culminating in the Grand Finale with ice cream sundaes for all!

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