Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Regional Library Systems' FY2010 Final Payments

The State of Illinois has authorized the final FY2010 payments to the regional library systems! FY2010 ended on June 30, but the State of Illinois is more than six months behind on payment vouchers to service providers like the regional library systems.

Thank you to everyone who responded to our call for action on the Library web site, in the last Library newsletter, on Facebook and in the print media. It is the contacts from constituents to our Governor and Comptroller that bring about action.

We are awaiting reports from the regional library systems on how long services can be maintained without FY2011 funds being released. Regional library systems support libraries of all types with services like email hosting, shared catalog systems and delivery of materials among libraries. Delivery service is the backbone of interlibrary loan, moving books and other materials efficiently from one library to another and back again. Without delivery service, local libraries like Plainfield will have to make the hard choice to pay for delivery out of local funds (and cutting some other service or program to pay for it) or lose access to quick and effective resource sharing for our community. With already slashed budgets getting tighter locally, you can help us avoid that fiscal conundrum by continuing your efforts in support of funding for the regional library systems.

Contact the Governor and Comptroller today and ask them to release the FY2011 funds for regional library systems!

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