Monday, September 14, 2009

Museum Adventure Pass - Plainfield Not Included

Want a Museum Adventure Pass? Ask Macy's why they chose not to include Plainfield, Joliet, New Lenox, Oswego, Bolingbrook, or any of the other members of the Prairie Area Library System in their grant-funded program. You see, the fine print on those big pretty ads in the Sun-Times News Group newspapers (including, ironically, the Joliet Herald News and Plainfield Sun) is that only three of the four regional library systems serving suburban Chicagoland are included in the program. At the bottom of that lovely ad, you will see logos from three regional library systems - and Prairie Area Library System isn't one of them.

Can it be fixed? Can the missing libraries be included, you ask? Well, Plainfield Library staff have been told everything from "there is no money to include more libraries" to "Plainfield is too far away to qualify." Plainfield Library staff asked. When the Sun-Times News Group began publishing those lovely ads in our local newspapers, despite not including Plainfield, we BEGGED. To no avail.

It may be that PALS was too big to include - extending from Rockford to Kankakee, Galena to Peru, it is the largest regional library system in the state. However, the "too far" statement is too much: Antioch, a North Suburban Library System member is included, but Lemont, a Prairie Area Library System member like Plainfield, is not.

My advice to you is this: go here and ask Macy's why our library is not included. That's the "Contact Us" link on the Museum Adventure website Staff has asked and begged with no results. Maybe asking and begging from you, the Macy's customer, will help Macy's include ALL of the suburban libraries.

*** And in case you think it's as easy as changing regional library system membership - that is not a local decision, but comes from the State.

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