Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Into the Home Stretch!

The project is on schedule! View the progress on Flickr!

The moving of existing shelving ranges is done. The final two 60” ranges were placed in YA/Teen and the existing ranges reconfigured and moved. The remainder of YA Fiction has moved onto its new taller shelves in its previous location.

Other collections in temporary locations are:

  • Books on CD are on the tops of the Reference shelves.
  • Y Non-Fiction is on the new shelves near the Big Cozy Book seating area.
  • Teen Graphic Novels are sharing space with J Graphic Novels on their shelving unit.
  • Teen Fiction is on newly relocated shelves in the aisle of the YA/J Non-Fiction side of Youth Services.
  • J Reference is on the ledge around the Bay Window Area.
  • Large Print is on 42” shelving in the Original Library.
  • Fiction (the end of the collection) is on Hallett carts near the hexagonal display.

*Apologies for my mistake yesterday, reporting that it was the beginning of the Fiction collection on the carts. It is actually the end.

The final two ranges of 90” shelving will be constructed tomorrow morning. The end panels will be installed last. Then the final shifting of collections from temporary locations onto their new shelving ranges will be done, time and workload permitting.

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