Thursday, June 18, 2009

A few job search tips from my review of resumes for open positions at the Library

Resumes have been rolling in for the Human Resources Coordinator and Accountant positions currently open at the Library.

In reviewing these applications, I am stunned at the number of qualified job seekers whose applications for the positions are incomplete. I asked for 3 things to be submitted: cover letter, resume, and three references. Over 60% of applicants did not submit all three items. Of those that did submit a complete application, more than half sent form cover letters rather than personalized letters. Many contained typographical errors or grammatical mistakes.

The job ads also included the request "no phone calls please." The long versions of the ad, both posted on a popular job search website and the Library's website, contain my email address. In spite of that, I have received numerous phone calls from applicants asking if they have been selected for an interview, etc.

In this competitive job market, attention to detail is what sets your application apart. With over 100 applicants for each position, those who pay attention to my requests will get the interviews. Your application and responses during the selection of candidates are part of your first impression. Make a good first impression: follow directions!

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