Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Comment: The Library building is fine! It looks good. Why not keep it?

In July, the Board of Trustees decided to pursue new construction only. The order-of-magnitude cost estimates of the renovation-and-addition versus new construction showed that renovation actually cost more due to project phasing and moving expenses. The summary of the issues considered in making this decision are summarized on the final page of the July presentation.

That summary includes many of the problems with the existing building. While it looks good on the surface, it's deficiencies are numerous when you take a closer look. The 2012 Building Evaluation enumerates the extensive repair and replacement needs to continue operating this building in the long term, as at nearly 25 years old, nearly every system is at or beyond its expected useful life. The study shows only the building systems and does not address its deficiencies for providing 21st century library service. The Library Board of Trustees have determined that the most cost-effective long term solution is new construction on the current site, with the inclusion of at least two additional properties.

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