Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Comment: Elected Officials Should Donate Pay to Library

The Library received the following comment on a feedback survey: “If Major League Baseball Teams build ballparks without public money, then this library can also be built without public money! Have some of the elected officials donate a portion of their pay and see where it goes from there.”

Major League Baseball teams charge for tickets. The definition of a public library is an organization established and funded by the community to provide access to knowledge, information and works of the imagination and to make access equally available to all members of the community. Put simply, you aren’t charged to use basic library services – no charge for admission!

Library Trustees are elected officials who serve voluntarily – without pay. They already donate their time to serve the community that elected them.

And for the record, if a local elected officials are paid, it is with public money. If those funds were instead used to pay for a building, the building would be built with public money…

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