Tuesday, May 26, 2015

From the Suggestion Box: Computer Use with Children

“My opinion is if like an adult is using a computer and they have just one card and the child wants to go downstairs they can still use the computer. That’s my opinion.”

I’m a little unclear on the situation, but I think the issue is the child being allowed to use a computer at the same time as an adult caregiver when they have only one library card between them. There are several factors at play here. The most important is the age of the child.

If the child is under 8 years old, the caregiver needs to be with the child at all times. While the Library is generally perceived as a safe place, it is still a public building where caregivers are expected to monitor the children in their care. In this case, the adult cannot be on a computer on the upper level while the child goes to the lower level. However, any adult accompanied by a child is welcome to use the computers on the lower level.

If the child is under 11 years old, the caregiver must be with the child in order for the child to use a computer. Again, this can be best accommodated at the computers on the lower level.

For access to a second computer, ask a staff member for a guest pass to sign in.

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