Wednesday, April 24, 2013

No fire, no flooding and not hit by lightning...

It surprised me to learn that there were several rumors going around town about the Library and what happened here last weekend! The short version is that replacement of the shingled portion of the roof was completed. While that work was underway, the one of the duct smoke detectors went off, due to debris in the detector head, we later learned. But the work on the roof last week and the one before was for the project awarded in March to replace shingled roof, gutters and downspouts. The last of the gutters and downspouts should be done today.

Throughout the rains at the end of last week, the Library was fine (2 small drips from the incomplete roof project notwithstanding). There was an early closing on Thursday due to the flooding in the area, for the safety of patrons and staff. The recent roof and HVAC replacement projects are two of the three main items identified in the 2012 Building Evaluation as immediate needs to keep the facility operational. The last of those projects, replacement of windows on both levels of the Bay Window Area, was also awarded in March. The windows have arrived and await dry weather in the forecast!

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