Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Brings More Building Projects

With the HVAC replacement project nearly complete and meteorological spring upon us, it's time for a new round of projects!

I know the HVAC project should have wrapped up a month ago, but a change order extended both the scope and the timeline of the project. Since the allowances in the original Roof Top Unit Replacement contract went unused, the Board of Trustees approved upgrading the controls of the perimeter heat and tying them into the new control system. In the original installation, the controls of the perimeter heating system (supplied by the boiler) were completely separate from the controls of the roof top units. This upgrade will make the entire system more efficient.

The Board of Trustees approved contracts fro the next two projects, both weather dependent for completion. The windows in the Bay Window Areas on both levels will be replaced and the shingled portion of the roof will be replaced. During the window project, the Bay Window Area seating will be unavailable for about one week. Of course, I can't say which week yet. Once the windows have been delivered to the contractor, I will be able to give an approximate date for the installation. As for the shingled portion of the roof, keep an eye out for closed walkways around the Library as the weather improves. The contractor will be working while the Library is open, one side of the building at a time. Again, I can't give a start or end date yet. Aren't weather-dependent projects fun?

The first sign of spring at the Library is building repairs!

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