Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Rain Stopped But HVAC Is Down Again

This building's issue with systems continue.

The roofing company will be working on our "new" roof again. It is under warranty. We're working with them to resolve the problems permanently. On the flat portion of the roof, there's some pooling of water that seems to be seeping into the seams during heavy rainfall, which, as you know, has been happening frequently.

One of our HVAC units, the one for which we have trouble getting parts due to its age, is not working today. It's a bit warm in Youth Services and Technical Services at the moment, but thankfully the mild weather is to our advantage for now.

Updating the building systems is rapidly becoming critical. But with a price tag in the six figures, the choices for doing the project are grim. Either it's included in a referendum package for voter approval next year or the Library takes out a loan and cuts services drastically to make the payments. No easy answers for our aging and outdated building systems.