Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Seth Godin on the Future of the Library

Best-selling author Seth Godin recently posted on his blog about the Future of the Library. Specifically addressing the question of public libraries, he expounds on the why print books are giving way to electronic versions. But the end of his post mirrors my own thoughts - and the direction of our library

"The next library is filled with so many web terminals there's always at least one empty. And the people who run this library don't view the combination of access to data and connections to peers as a sidelight--it's the entire point.

Wouldn't you want to live and work and pay taxes in a town that had a library like that? The vibe of the best Brooklyn coffee shop combined with a passionate raconteur of information? There are one thousand things that could be done in a place like this, all built around one mission: take the world of data, combine it with the people in this community and create value.

We need librarians more than we ever did. What we don't need are mere clerks who guard dead paper. Librarians are too important to be a dwindling voice in our culture. For the right librarian, this is the chance of a lifetime."

Our Library's mission Educate - Captivate - Connect speaks directly to this concept. Connecting you to information, to resources and to each other is what we do. Now more than ever, those connections create the value of the public library in our community.

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