Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Snapshot Day Fun! (okay, not so much in my office...)

Join us for some great programs and contests today, as libraries around Illinois record "a day in the life" to share with their legislators and communities! Today, programs include Bounce and Tickle, Fun With Music, Fablehaven Book Club, Conservation Plainfield, Computer Help for Jobseekers and Vintage Spring Holidays. Does seven programs in a day seem like we're loading them up just for Snapshot Day? Not so! The Library regularly has 8-10 programs in a single day.

With all that going on, you'd think it would be an exciting day throughout the Library. You'd be wrong. I will be writing reports and compiling information for next week's Board meeting. Definitely not the most exciting thing I do :-)

Stop by the Library today and get you picture taken. Send us a comment via email, text or make a comment on the Library's Facebook page to share your own library story as part of Snapshot Day and National Library Week. We love your comments!

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