Monday, October 26, 2009

Roof Replacement This Fall - Weather Permitting

During the heavy rains last week, the Board of Trustees voted to accept the bid of National Roofing to replace both the flat roof and shingles on the inner half of the pitched roof. No sooner was the decision made, the roof sprung new leaks! The flat portion of the nearly 20-year old roof leaks in new places with each heavy rainfall, even as each leak is patched. Though Head of Maintenance Chuck Peterman and his crew are good at making the library look clean and well-kept, the recurring water stains on the ceiling tiles may have caught your eye. We'll be trading our annual roofing maintenance contract for a 15-year warranty on the new roofing system.

A pre-construction meeting will be held tomorrow, after which I hope to have a better idea of when we might have this done! Of course, any schedule we may make is completely dependent on the weather...

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