Monday, August 31, 2009

Internet Hoaxes Highlight the Need for Library Services

You may have seen the videos or read the news in an email that spread like wildfire across the world via the Internet:

Michael Jackson is alive - watch the video of him getting out of the coroner's van!

Jeff Goldblum is dead in an accident on the set of his new movie in New Zealand!

Neither is true. Both are recent hoaxes that made their way throughout the virtual world through emails and YouTube and fake news stories.

This is a great example of why libraries are needed! Your local library connects you to information you can trust - information from vetted and juried sources. The databases and resources available through your library are reliable, unlike so many Internet sources that can be posted by anyone with a PC and a little skill in HTML coding. These hoaxes drive home the point that in our technology-savvy world, we cannot take every bit of information that we read or view as fact. There is information beyond the first page of Google hits - information you can trust, information your local library can provide.

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