Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Referendum Fails

Voters today turned down the plan to expand the downtown library and build a branch on the north side of the district.

In this time of economic uncertainty, the community was not prepared to support the expansion plan. The library will continue to provide the best possible service to our community.

We have many fantastic volunteers and supporters to thank for their hard work on this campaign.

The volunteer Citizens Referendum Committee actively supported and campaigned for this referendum. Co-chairs Vicky Polito and Barbara Ebeling led the committee. Other volunteers included: Cheryl Basso, Nancy Bennett, Jana Bruen, Dennis Fink, Mina Green, Nikki Kaysen, Kristy Kipka, Mary Anne Michaels, Jim Racich, Elsbeth Ritz, Anthony Scala, Mary Stevens, Dawn Strand, Janet Swatek, Tammy Tunac, Jim and Mary Anne Waldorf, Bill and Pam Wilson, and Erica Wood-Bedi.

The Village of Plainfield and Plainfield Community Consolidated School District 202 both passed resolutions of support for the expansion plan. Representative Tom Cross, Senator Linda Holmes, Village Trustee and Mayoral Candidate Bill Lamb, and Village Trustee Jim Racich expressed their support in letters to editors of local newspapers. Community organizations, parent-teacher organizations and local service organizations hosted presentations and provided information to their members.

Discussion of next steps will begin at the April 15 regular meeting of the Library Board of Trustees.


rradulovich said...

It's unfortunate this referendum failed. I think sometimes homeowners think they're being penny wise, but in reality they are dollar foolish. Strong support of our library, schools, park district, etc. is what maintains and increases property values. If we want to retain a strong market for home resale and new home development in this Village, then the community will need to step up to these referendums and pass them without hesitation.

AngieInEngland said...

I agree with rradulovich. I am wary of any tax increase. Very. But look at the growth in our area. If we can do ANYthing to increase use of the library I am for it.