Monday, March 23, 2009

Question of the Day: What does the other 44% pay?

This question was fairly long and complex:
"In the Special Edition newsletter, it says that the Village of Plainfield comprises56% of the Library District. In the referendum cost chart, the cost for the average homeowner in the Village of Plainfield is listed. What is the cost to the other 44% of the Library District?"

The proposed $0.3301 tax rate per $100 of valuation is the same for all residents in the Library District. Even those in the ever-confusing double tax, tax code 612 area would pay this rate, though it look a bit different their tax bills. The average home in the Village of Plainfield is used purely as an example, since that is majority of the Library District. Besides, including the average home value for Village of Bolingbrook, Village of Romeoville, unincorporated Wheatland Township and unincorporated Plainfield Township, made the chart too big to fit on the page with the rest of the information :-)

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