Monday, November 24, 2008

Schematic Design - Putting Together the Puzzle

Creating a functional modern library with the constraints of existing building, site, zoning, neighbors, etc. certainly isn't simple! This is one puzzle with an awful lot of pieces.

Schematic design of the downtown building expansion has just begun - and already received its first major revision. Many features and services of a modern library tend to favor ground-level locations. Marrying that idea and the "raised ranch" floor plan of the existing building, which contains almost no ground-level space, is not easy.

Our ingenious architects at Healy Bender, along with library Board and staff, are working out a way to maximize public space on the larger floors of the addition, while using the smaller existing library levels for staff and lesser used spaces. But as Cliff Bender told staff when they looked at the first version of the design: "I can only guarantee that whatever the final plan is, it will not be this." :-) His point is well taken. Nothing is set in stone until, well, it's actually set in stone!

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