Thursday, October 23, 2008

Library use rises during times of economic trouble

For those in the library profession, articles like this are no surprise:

The Boston Globe talks about how their local libraries' circulations are up each month now. For the Plainfield Library, that's business as usual.

But how is Plainfield Library responding to yet another increase in demand? We're doing our best to meet your needs! Multiple copies of bestsellers are leased and purchased to try to keep wait times low. Magazines, even the current issue, may be checked out. While the library can't have 50-100 copies of the latest release DVD like a video store, you can get that movie for free if your willing to place a hold and wait your turn. We'll even entertain and educate you with free educational and cultural programs for all ages.

Look for our November/December newsletter in your mailbox soon. The lead article is on Return on Investment for library service. I think you will find that the money you spend to support your library is money well spent.

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