Monday, July 28, 2008

A time and place for your questions

I am really looking forward to tonight telephone town hall meeting! It's an exciting first for the library district. In the past, the best information came from the costliest method - the survey. This telephone town hall meeting turns the survey concept on its head, for about one tenth the cost.

Instead of calling residents and asking a set of predetermined questions, the library will be calling to let you ask questions. The calls will begin to go out tonight at 7pm. The call list is based on voter registration rolls, so if you aren't registered to vote, you will not be called. Residents will be called in a random order and may join the meeting already in progress. Participants can press zero to ask a question at any time during the meeting. Other than a brief history of the library's building and some statistics on current use, the meeting will be entirely question-and-answer with me and Board President Sharon Kinley to respond. Even if we do not get to all of the questions, participants will be able to leave a voicemail at the end of the call to ask their question.

In the next few days, the recorded meeting and an FAQ will be posted here and on the library's website.

For myself, the Board of Trustees and the staff, finding out what your concerns are will help us to make sure the planning process not only addresses space needs but also answers the questions of the community during the process.

It's your library. Tell me what you think. Ask me a question.

After all, I am a librarian. Answering questions is what librarians do.

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